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First Time Absolute Beginners Salsa Classes (Drop-in)

For people new to salsa dancing, these weekly drop-in classes provide a fun and easy opportunity to try a one-hour beginner salsa class for the first time. If you’ve never tried a dance class before, this is the place to start.
These drop-in classes are the entry point into salsa dancing for many people who are new to salsa. They are introductory classes for absolute beginners and cover the basics and fundamentals of salsa dancing. Anyone is welcome to attend (you don’t need a partner) and you don’t need any previous dance experience.
Friday nights cost $12 per person and Sunday afternoons cost $8 per person. Also includes admission to the social dance event after the class where you can practice what you have learned and meet other salsa dancers.



Intro Salsa Lesson at 9pm
Location: Dancey Ballroom
505 Hamilton St

Cost: $12
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Intro Salsa Lesson at 4pm
Location: D2 Dance Studio
55 West 8th Ave

Cost: $8
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Beginner Salsa Bootcamps

SATURDAY May 13, 2pm-5pm
Held at D2 Dance Studio
55 West 8th Ave

If you are looking for a more intensive and practical learning experience than the beginner lessons mentioned above, the three-hour bootcamp provides an excellent introduction to salsa dancing. Many people who register for weekly classes start off with this introductory salsa bootcamp to try salsa dancing and see if it’s something they enjoy
Held monthly at D2 Dance Studio (55 West 8th Ave), the bootcamp is taught by several different instructors from Dancey Studios, so it’s also a great opportunity to try different instructors and experience their different teaching methods and see which suits you best.
Upcoming dates include: May 13, June 10
Cost: $45 per person / $80 for a couple
EARLY BIRD RATE: Register in advance and pay $40 per person / $75 for a couple
Held at D2 Dance Studio, 55 West 8th Ave (map)





Weekly Beginner Dance Classes

THE BEST WAY TO LEARN TO DANCE is weekly progressive lessons in which you begin with the fundamentals and progress to more challenging material over the duration of the class session. Class sessions can run for 4 weeks, 5 weeks, 6 weeks or longer, depending on the structure of the course and the instructor’s method of teaching. 
Our current session of classes includes beginner classes in Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Zouk, Tango, and more. Check the LESSON SCHEDULE page to get started.
If you’ve missed the first class or two, no problem, you may still be able to join a course as late registrations are accepted at many beginner classes that may have already started.
If you’re not sure whether weekly dance classes are for you, many instructors will allow new students to do a “drop-in” where you try a beginner class to see if you like it. Drop-in rates are usually about $15-$20 for a one-hour class, but may vary depending on the instructor’s rate and/or duration of the class. MORE INFO




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