Private Lessons with Instructors
at the Dancey Ballroom and D2 Dance Studio

Many of the instructors who teach at the Dancey Ballroom and D2 Dance Studio are available for private lessons in which you can learn at your own pace and get one-on-one attention. Private lessons are more expensive than group lessons but can be one of the best ways to learn as the personal attention from your instructor can help your dancing improve and develop faster.
To arrange a private lesson, first determine which instructor you want to book then contact them personally to arrange the lesson. The instructors at the Dancey Ballroom and D2 Dance Studio are all independent instructors and arrange their own private lesson schedule.
COST: Usually a private lesson for one student with one instructor may cost about $70-$100 for one hour of instruction. Each instructor sets their own rates for private classes and may offer a package price for a series of private lessons. In addition a studio rental fee is required to book a studio space for the private lesson.
Currently our faculty includes the following instructors and dance companies. Information about private lesson rates and contact info is included on each instructor’s page:
Patrick & Scarlet of Dance Vancouver
Nina Perez of Baila Vancouver
Rina & Anjan of Kizomba Alchemy Team
Javier Monsalve of Sabor Asi
Oksana Latynina of Oksana Dance

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