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If your New Year’s Resolutions include meeting new people, having more fun, learning new things, getting more exercise… You should try dancing!

At our two locations, the Dancey Ballroom and D2 Dance Studio, we currently offer classes and lessons in the following dances, from beginner to advanced levels. (For information on private classes visit the Private Lessons page)

The majority of dance classes we offer are in social partner dance styles such as Salsa, Tango, Hustle, etc.  Classes are listed by dance style, for example: if you are interested in beginner salsa classes, click on SALSA (For Beginners) to go to the page listing those classes.

Are you new to dancing? Curious to try a class to see if you like it? Start here for info on options for first-time absolute beginners


SALSA (For Beginners)

SALSA (Intermed/Advanced)









These social partner dances have a basic choreography which involves the coordinated dancing of two partners dancing together (as opposed to dancing alone or in a performance group) and which can be enjoyed in a social context such as a salsa dance event.

With social partner dances you do not need a dance partner to attend a class as students change dance partners throughout a lesson. Nor do you need a dance partner to attend a social dance party as it is a social event where dancers are encouraged to dance with each other.


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