Upcoming Workshops

West Coast Swing Fundamentals Workshop

SATURDAY March 25, 1pm-3pm
At D2 Dance Studio, 55 West 8th Ave

Learn the fundamentals of dancing West Coast Swing in this introductory workshop with two of Vancouver’s best WCS instructors, Michael & Amy.
This two-hour workshop will cover WCS timing, structure, basic WCS patterns, connection, and lead/follow technique. No previous WCS experience necessary, but some dance experience (like Salsa) will help fast-track the workshop. 
Cost: $25 for advance registrations, $30 drop-in on the day



Hustle Workshops
For Salsa Dancers

With Patrick & Scarlet
SUNDAY April 2
At Dancey Ballroom, 505 Hamilton St

Fast-track your Salsa skills and knowledge into Hustle. The more salsa experience you have the easier it is to pick up this fun dance. 
SUNDAY, April 2, 1pm-5pm
Beginners: 1:00-2:45pm, $30
Intermediate: 3:00-4:45pm, $30
Both workshops: $50
* Intermediate not suitable for newcomers




Salsa On2 Bootcamp
For On1 Salsa Dancers

With Patrick & Scarlet
Monday April 3 & Wed April 5
At Dancey Ballroom, 505 Hamilton St

An introduction to On2 salsa for On1 social dancers as well as On2 dancers looking to improve their timing on the two beat. 
Part 1: Monday April 3, 7:00-9:00pm ($35)
Part 2: Wednesday April 5, 8:30-9:30pm ($20)
(Cost for both days: $45)



Beginner Salsa Bootcamp

Saturday April 8, 2pm-5pm
At D2 Dance Studio, 55 West 8th Ave

Taught by several instructors from the Dancey Ballroom and D2 Dance Studio, the Beginner Salsa Bootcamp is a three-hour introductory workshop for people new to salsa dancing. Held once-a-month, it provides a more intensive and practical learning experience than a drop-in beginner lesson. Many people who register for weekly classes start off with this introductory salsa bootcamp to try salsa dancing and see if it’s something they enjoy.
Upcoming dates are: April 8, May 13, June 10.
ON THE DAY: $45 per person | $80 for a couple
EARLY BIRD: Register in advance for reduced pricing:
$40 per person | $75 for a couple



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